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Treecare Petersfield. The main services we offer but not necessarily limited to.

What we offer

Formative Pruning

Pruning to encourage the establishment of a good branch structure and canopy appropriate to the species concerned by the removal of potential defects such as co-dominant leaders and crossing branches leaving only small wounds that will heal very quickly.

Crown Thinning

To reduce the foliage and outer-branch density of the tree. To remove small diameter branches to obtain the required density. These branches will normally be below 25mm diameter and spread evenly throughout the crown. Crown thinning will NOT result in major alterations to the overall outline of the tree. the volume of the material to be removed is normally expressed as a percentage of the whole crown volume and should be considered as an approximate guideline.

Crown Reduction

To reduce the crown size in all directions to leave a balanced crown structure. It is a complete crown treatment and not just a reduction in height without dealing with side branches. It is normally specified as a percentage and refers to the branch proportion to be removed in relation to the total branch length from tip to trunk.

Crown Lifting

The lower branches of the crown are removed so the bottom of the crown is higher.

Crown Cleaning

The removal of dead, dying, damaged or diseased wood. It also includes removal of crossing branches, dangerous branches, epicormic growth and climbing plants such as Ivy from the crown of a tree.

Woodland Management

Working in partnership with a local ecologist to provide a service that benefits not only your woodland but also wildlife. An initial survey of the woodland area is carried out and a report written on proposed work to be undertaken. Where possible, and suitable, using woodland grant schemes to reduce the cost to the client.


A traditional method carried out on a rotation basis, whereby tree stems are cut down to the stump to stimulate new growth.

Tree Planting

All types of tree planting undertaken with experienced advice for appropriate species choice.


Removal of all the branches to regulate a tree’s growth from an early age. Click here for further information.

Branch Removal

Removal of one or more branches shaping and reducing the crown’s spread in certain places to achieve a more attractive overall shape.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead wood and crossing or split branches.

Clear Felling

When there is sufficient room to fall any tree that is dead, dyeing, diseased, in the wrong position or unwanted.

Section Felling

In a confined space the tree is removed either in small hand held sections or larger sections are lowered on ropes. In some instances with larger trees or trees with limited access cranes and mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP) are used to make the work more cost effective.

Cable Bracing

Cable bracing is performed as a preventative safety measure to trees that have structural problems. Trees that are already damaged, weak, multi-stemmed, or that are susceptible to damage from storms, can be cable braced to reduce risk and help stabilise the tree, reducing the need for it to be felled. We only use a state of the art bracing manufactured by Cobra.

Stump Removal

The excavation of any unwanted stumps.

Stump Grinding

Using specialist machinery the stump is ground away along with any major roots, leaving a mixture of mulch and soil.

Hedge Cutting

A highly professional hedge cutting service from small, delicate, ornate hedges to large tree sized hedges.

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